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AO KAZGUU UNIVERSITY, Republic of Kazakstan
KEY FORENSIC SERVICES, forensic laboratory

OOO VIZIT-AUTO, starters and alternators

CISMAC srl, automation industrial equipment developer and manufacturer

IMPRETECH SRL, printing and reading of barcodes, automatic identification and  traceability equipment
OOO RUSPROMSERVICE, metal-working machinery
A-SAFE LTD, flexible safety barrier and bollards developer and manufacturer
3XMEDIA, movie company
НПСА ZDOROVY LES, tree care specialists
THE RAKE, magazine, interview
WIENEBERGER LTD, bricks manufacturer
MONIER REDLAND LTD, tiles manufacturer

KADEBA srl, clothing and accessories

ООО NEVZ-N, ceramics manufature
URBAN INNOVATION GROUP, smart car parking software
ООО MOSCOLLECTOR, collectors for utilities pipeline
Restaurant BELKA, restaurant
NEVOHIM GROUP, office equipment and electronic devices cleansers
ROSVIT LTD/MASTERS-BET, online betting office, online casino
TWP LTD, wet wipe manufacturing
ORION LONDON, women clothing and accessories
BSI GROUP business tourism
GLOBAL TRADING SRL, import-export
AROMATNY MIR, chain of speciality wine supermarkets
MOKY SRL, marketing and product distribution service

BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS Ltd, mineral decorative cosmetics

ТОВ КРАЭВИД, sugar production

STB (СТБ) Ukrainian commercial television network
CONTE SPA, hosiery
OOO ELIA GRAZIA, professional cosmetics
OOO MONOLITPROM, renewable energy

OOO AK-SERVICE, travel kits
CONTE SPA, hosiery
OOO PRIME CINEMA, entertainment channel
OOO MONOLITPROM, renewable energy
OOO VIZIT-AUTO, starters and alternators
AUTOENTERPRISES ltd, full line automotive core
OOO ARTFUTURE, textile and fashion design
MAFRA spa, car care products
IZE ltd, door hardware
MONDOLFO FERRO spa, automotive service equipment
OOO AGROHOLDING SAIANSKIY BROILER, meat and dairy products production
CANTINA VALDAGIDE, wine production
OOO GRAND INSTRUMENT, car spare parts
GREIN ITALIA MARMI srl, marble processing
CODAF impianti avicoli srl, poultry equipment
EDOARDO CINCOTTI srl, shoe manufacturer
M.G.S. TECNOIMPIANTI srl, civil and industrial electrical installations
ESPACE MAISON sa, luxury furniture
OOO ALTAYSKIY BROILER, meat and dairy products
CALZATURE BEPPE srl, shoe manufacturer
SAVONERIE BRUXELLOISES sa, soap production
CALZATURIFICIO ELISEO srl, shoe manufacturer
ETALONI shoes, shoe retailer
OIL&STEEL spa, aerial work platforms
OOO VERTEX, aerial work platforms and equipment
TURA srl, luxury furniture
NEW KAPLAST srl, agricultural equipment
NASSAN SERA SISTEMLERI, greenhouses production and installations
TECNOZOO srl, pet food
CARBOGREEN MACCHINE srl, gardening and horticulture machinery and equipment
MENOLLI PORTE srl, door manufacturer
PRP srl, woven nets
DERMASIN srl, face and body care cosmetics
COLIZZI PNEUMATICA srl, compressors
OOO VOIX, interior design
ETREMODA srl, haberdashery
PLEASECYCLE ltd, cycling software
JOBS  spa, milling machines for aerospace and automotive
BOTTEGA MASTRO FIORE srl, bathroom furniture manuacturer
CALENDA spa, body and hair care cosmetics
NIFTY ltd, aerial work platforms
JMG cranes srl, aricultural and construction machinery
MABER srl, construction equipent and machinery
PALAZZANI industries srl, agricutural and construction machinery
VALLA spa, agricultural and construction machinery
ZINEST sro, raw products for cosmetics
ITALTRADE, B2B meetings organiser
MARSEL srl, shoe manufacturer
INTRASS CONGRESSI – au Pair International srl
COOPIT EVENTS srl, B2B meetings organiser
BE OPEN creative fund of Elena Baturina  
PLANNING CONGRESSI srl, pharma conferences organiser
ANDREA BOSSI srl, shirts manufacturer
il MONDO, political and cultural weekly newspaper(interview)
il SOLE24ORE, daily economical and financial newspaper (interview)
TECNOVITI srl, fasteners and stud bolts manufacturer
OOO SERGIO GROUP, luxury furniture
OOO AEROTECH, aerospace and automotive milling machines
LA FABBRICA spa, bathroom and floor tiles
OCEM spa, airport lighting
ICE, trade promotion agency

Within the scope of World Bank project "Strengthening Forensic Capacity" Yana was hired for consequitive interpretation at Key Forensic Services and King's College London on Novermber and December 2017. The courses were carried out as it was expected and Yana sucessfully completed the tasks assigned to her. She is very easy to work with, yet she is very accurate, organized and skilled. I would highly recommend Yana and will definitely work with her on other projects in 2018.
Aiganym Nurtazina
project administrator at World Bank project "Strengthening Forensic Capacity" (January 4, 2018, Aiganym managed Yana directly)

«Сотрудничеством остались довольны. Работа выполнена профессионально. Рекомендуем.»
Алексей, Компания "РУСПРОМСЕРВИС", Пермь, Россия (14 августа 2017)

«Профессиональный и пунктуальный переводчик»
Anton Kryvoshlykov, London, UK (July 20, 2017)

Antonio, "Impretech International Group", Italia (di luglio 24, 2017)

«- Coinvolta, attenta e capace di farsi capire. - Brava nell'approfondire quando le risposte non erano ben chiare. - In grado di trasferire e tradurre i concetti e non solo tradurre. »
Lucio Della, "AUTOMAZIONI CISMAC S.r.l.", Sassuolo, Italy (di luglio 4, 2017)

«Все хорошо!»
Евгений, Киев, Украина (19 мая 2017)

«Прекрасный переводчик. Очень пунктуальная и ответственная. Рекомендую!»
Александр, "Foodinsider", Москва, Россия (9 мая 2017)

«отличная работа! спасибо!»
Ксения, Ресторан "Белка", Санкт-Петербург, Россия (22 апреля 2017)

«Tutto Perfetto, persona molto professionale. »
Antonio Cappelli, "Kadeba srl", Italia (di marzo 20, 2017)

«We had families coming from Russia and South Africa for our wedding. We were so lucky to have Yana with us! She is not only very professional but also very nice and lovely person! And that is very important on such a special day!! »
Margarita, London, UK (February 25, 2017)

«All was ok»
luca, GLOBAL TRADING Srl, Salerno, Italy (February 12, 2017)

«Отличная работа!»
Екатерина Сикора, "BSI Group", Москва, Россия (22 января 2017)

«Mi sono trovata bene .... molto professionale ...»
Monica Fabbri, Italia (17 gennaio, 2016)

«Хорошо. Благодарим за работу.»
Василий Харченко, ТОВ «Краєвид», Киев, Украина (3 декабря 2016)

«Yana is very professional interpreteur und we are very satisfied we her service»
Dmitry, Germany, (June 20, 2016)

«Руководство нашей компании посещали выставку "All Energy" в Глазго и Яна помогала с переводом в течении 2 дней нашего присутствия на выставке. Отличная работа и рекомендации.»
Аида Баймурзаева, Москва, Россия (7 мая 2016)

«На семинаре все прошло хорошо - Яна отлично помогла и компетентно переводила наши встречи. Спасибо»
Виктор Вериго, «ВИЗИТ-АВТО», Минск, Республика Беларусь (26 апреля 2016)

«Услуги перевода на встрече(ОБКгрупп и Pylon Manufacturing)были оказаны на высоком профессиональном уровне.Высокая оценка,рекомендуем.»
Мария Жилевич, Минск, Беларусь (30 марта, 2016)

«Благодарим за помощь и профессиональный перевод на мероприятии, посвященное легкой и текстильной промышленности Перу. Языковая поддержка переговоров была предоставлена на ожидаемом уровне.»
Инна Демидова, "АртФутуре", Санкт-Петербург, Россия (20 марта 2016)

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